Our Mission

To put forward simple ideas that fit the existing math about how fundamental physics works. Much is explained in the Fundamental Heresy, but it comes down to a view that the existing way fundamental physics was explained was inconsistent, incomplete, contradictory and with far too much recourse to mysticism – “it is just the way things are in the Quantum Realm”.

Many people feel this but also feel powerless to do anything about it – the existing system may be rickety, but it is interlinked so that anyone seeking basic change has to go outside their area of specialist knowledge. Not only does this make mistakes likely but it exposes them to ridicule.

We are now at a point where the Heretics recipe for the universe is built from two rules of logical consistency and a 3-D field that can vary in value in different locations. We add the original injection of energy at the point known as the Big Bang and the effect of mass on the speed of the Field. Then all the forces, all the waves and all the particles we know of arise from just the interactions of these. We still need to spice the mix with a few arbitrary constants, such as the speed of light and the Planck numbers, but it is a great economy of concepts.

This is not intended as a challenge but as a provocation, a challenge that will help re-boot modern physics.

Who We Are

The Quantum Heretics are an informal group that has grown and shrunk and grown over around five years, essentially around a debate on the meaning or interpretation of fundamental physics. The Heretics have never met as such, although many were friends and colleagues of other Heretics which is how they became involved and all the discussion has been by email, moderated by the Arch-Heretic, Jamie Cawley.

The joy of the QH group has been that people have speculated wildly and freely. They have been strongly criticised and corrected, they have changed and revised, other have chipped in with ideas and corrections. It has been fun and freewheeling. As time progressed, all kinds of explanations started dropping out – so that’s why ball-waves have mass! that explains the expansion of the universe! that’s what causes the effect we call the ‘Strong Force’! that’s how magnetism works at a distance! that would result in Dark Matter! Problems were overcome when we found that longitudinal waves could be polarised (despite many simple assertions in print that they cannot), when we found that there are only two basic waveforms in a 3-D universe, when relativity could explain inertia in a particle. But at the same time, some started to feel nervous that we were saying that the reason why Quarks and Gluons had not been detected for over fifty years was that they do not exist, and maybe what was detected in 2012 was not actually a Higgs Boson but an ultra-heavy electron (the next in the series electron-muon-tau-?). The crackle and blaze of heretic burning became a vivid picture to some.

Nevertheless, about a year ago the idea of putting the ideas we were developing ‘out there’ was put forward and agreed. Originally a book was thought to be the route and many of the Heresies were originally written up as chapters of a book, but the website approach was finally adopted as more flexible and appropriate around Christmas 2022 and KJC Creative asked to design it.

There is not a fixed number of Heretics. Many have come and gone, some vanishing completely, some drifting away, other ‘joining’ for a while by making comments when ideas were drawn to their attention. Many Heretics (claimed to) have physics degrees, several to have further degree and doctorates, some we know almost nothing about. They have all agree that they should be anonymous – probably only a few of the Heretics agree with everything said here, many are simply afraid that they will be linked to views and ideas they were not involved with as well as those where they contributed and would rather avoid any resulting fuss. They can identify themselves if they want and Jamie will confirm any that wish to be identified.

Become a friend of the heretics

We want your comments and criticisms but we also want to avoid internoise and trolls so you can only add comments if you are a Friend whose contact details we know.

Being a friend does not mean you need to be friendly – one of the joys of the Heretics so far has been that, with no consequences or come-backs other than within the discussion, people have felt free to speak out simply and clearly and have not allowed social niceties to interfere with meaning.

The Heresies can only get better with your help, we believe that physics needs this to escape from the hole it is currently stuck in.

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