Additional Notes

There are queries and speculations that are not heretical but need to be made clear. We start with two but others may be added later in response to comments.

How longditudinal waves can be polarised.

It is widely thought – and often stated as a fact – that longitudinal waves cannot be polarised. This is incorrect, as we show below. We also show that lateral waves, such as water waves or sine waves, cannot exist in 3-D unless and additional constraint is put on them.

6 mins read

The structure of the atomic nucleus

Some speculations on how the atomic nucleus works in the picture given by the Heretical view of protons and neutrons.

4 mins read

The Heresies

A series of articles that reframe the physical picture behind the mathematics. Best read in series, but each is independent.

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Very short summaries to give an indication of the contents of each full article.

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The tricky words and concepts defined as best we can.

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