The Heresies

Twelve articles, comprising eight heresies, a sermon, a confession and two notes on the combined worlds of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. Together, they suggest a new way to see the fundamental world. They are intended to prompt you to new thoughts in a subject that has become too rigid.

The Abstracts

A quick way to find out which article to start with.

Heresy Articles

Ideally, you read them in sequence, so that you are introduced to concepts as they arise but each article should make some sense on its own and you can go straight to the one that you suspect will be most annoying.

The Fundamental Heresy:

The view from the cheap seats

12 mins read

The Second Heresy:

The Field and the waves in it

19 mins read

The Third Heresy:

Waves that make matter

26 mins read

The Fourth Heresy:

Stopping the use of Force

15 mins read

The Heretics Penitence:

A Sermon on Special Relativity

19 mins read

The Fifth Heresy:

Time for Gravity

20 mins read

A Confession

5 mins read

The Sixth Heresy:

Order comes from Chaos

27 mins read

The Seventh Heresy:

Entropy isn’t What It Used To Be

12 mins read


The tricky words and concepts defined as best we can.

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Additional Notes

How longitudinal waves can be polarised. The structure of the atom.

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