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Last updated on Tuesday 13th June 2023

A Confession

We have failed. The structures we have built in these heresies are built on sand. We use terms like ‘momentum’, while evading being specific about what it is. We have accepted the existence of non-locality – indeed, we have celebrated it for removing the limitations of an unbreakable speed of the Field, a constraint that resulted in so many contorted explanations of observations. But we have used it without any explanation as to how it can work. We have ignored the issue of distance – how does it come about? Why can F-waves effectively ignore it and not need time (as we do in our frames of reference) to cross it? Although we dismiss ‘spacetime’ as ‘no more than a line on a graph’, we know we are missing something essential about ‘time’, evading it by pointing out that it can only be measured by counting events and moving on. Yet there is clearly something more fundamental to it somehow. We have said that the presence of matter slows the speed of the field. Yet, while it is not at all surprising that a different medium has a different wave-speed, we have only some weak suggestions on the specific mechanism for this slowing. Orthodox physics pictures share all these problems and adds many more, but we wanted to complete the picture, we wanted to finish the job.

But the strength of orthodoxy is its math: it predicts things correctly. It can and does shrug off its pictured contradictions. OK, a particle in a ‘superposition’of states is physically impossible but so is minus 3 and we get on with life because we need to get the answers. Physicists are aware and even proud of the subject’s philosophical agnosticism – the term Quantum Mechanics was chosen to emphasise its engineering aspect: math that delivers results and let who will argue about existence, we have work to do, work that is of benefit to humankind.

The Heretics justification has been that playing with pictures of what is happening can contribute. Physics is always looking for an economy of concepts, to reduce the number of things that we just must accept. The Heretics’ picture reduces the number of ‘fields’ from five or six – Electromagnetic, Strong, Weak, Gravity, Color, and Higgs – down to one or two, the Fundamental Field and Gravity – and Gravity is not really a field but an effect of different wave speeds in different mediums. The number of fundamental entities has simplified to two: the units of the Field and momentum, the fundamental structures to F-waves and (two types of) ball-waves. Anyway, the two types of wave are simply the only two types of waves that can exist in a 3-D universe without a separate restriction, translational waves that move outwards and reciprocating waves that go out and come back. (Although we note that a 1-D structure, like rope, or a 2-D surface, like water, can have lateral waves in a 3-D world and that reciprocating waves can be shapes other than spherical when they are in an atom, as can F-waves when they get distorted by reflecting off, or slowed down, by matter.)

But underlying it all, the Heretics are not getting to the central answers of what distance and time are. The fundamental interaction of the heretics’ universe is that wave energy can turn into kinetic energy, movement. When an F-wave hits a ball-wave (in the right circumstances) the F-wave gets longer, while continuing to move at the speed of the Field and the ball-wave is accelerated (as well as shortening its wavelength in the direction of motion). Physical movement across space has been started. Divergent field values turning into motion is also central to the idea of the ‘electrostatic’ force surrounding electron and proton ball-waves. The bubblets of divergent Field value surrounding each of these have the effect of accelerating other ball-waves towards or away from them. Once again, divergent field values influence movement, and the process is unexplained.

This failure is linked to another. The Field has an ability to hold ‘electrostatic’ energy called ‘permittivity’, and a similar ability to hold magnetic force, called ‘permeability’. The Heretics have not got a picture of how these effects work in terms of Field values; which is a pity, since they determine the speed of the Field, much as the density and rigidity of a medium determines the speed of sound through it. Understanding this might lead onto understanding why mass slows speed of the Field, creating the effect of gravity and reducing the forces required in our picture to one – and that one generated from divergent Field values behaving in accordance with the No Special Place rule.

It seems likely that the Field is granular and that its individual units not only have a value that can diverge from the average and change but also that they can move. It would be this physical movement of Field units that translates into the acceleration of ball-waves discussed above. However, it is not clear what it means to say a Field unit can move – how could we measure it?

We are looking for new prophets to tell us these things. That would be the next stage to completing the circle. It would mean that we are the next stage closer to knowing the answer – not the answer to ‘why?’, but the answer to ‘how?’. We confess that our work is not only flawed – that is inevitable – but profoundly incomplete. We understand why the shorter the distance between waves – the shorter the wavelength – the more the energy. It is a direct consequence of the No Special Place rule; longer waves spread the differences out more, making the differences between neighbouring Field values less. But why does a short-wavelength F-wave hitting a ball-wave (and getting longer) translate into the ball-wave being acceled? Why does it not simply result in the ball-wave wavelength getting shorter in the direction it was hit? It does have this effect, but we see it as a blue-shift or red-shift, depending on where you are standing, linked to the ball-waves movement. How come?

We need your help.

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