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Last updated on Tuesday 6th June 2023

The Fifth Heresy: Time for Gravity Abstract

Acceleration and Gravity are equal and opposite – acceleration separates things, gravity pulls them together again, returning the energy originally used to separate them.  We show that all acceleration originates with the transfer of energy from lengthening F-waves.

Matter reduces the speed of the Field in its vicinity, giving rise to the appearance of the attractive force we call ‘Gravity’. We cannot see this on Earth because slowing the speed of the field also slows the speed of clocks, but we can see the effect in orbiting satellites, whose time goes faster than ours. This time difference means that the closer side of a rocket passing earth goes slower than the further side, bending its path round and giving the effect of an attractive force. The same effect applies to F-waves, so, although they have no mass, they are affected by gravity.

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