Launch of the Quantum Heretics Website June 2023

After over five years of discussion, argument and vigorous e-mailing, the Heretics finally agreed to put their ideas onto a website at the beginning of 2023 and asked Jamie Cawley to coordinate the articles and KJC Creative to design and pull the site together for them. The result you see.

In every way this is odd. Science does not proceed with websites, any more than physics advances through essays. But maybe we have to change that. The tangible grumpiness of so many who comment on the subject, annoyed at its confusion, frustrated by the proliferation of speculative equations for things that turn out not to exist and depressed by the slow progress of the subject, all beg a new approach. How else, a philosophically inclined Heretic asked, is the paradigm to be changed, given the tight focus – and vast cost – of so much research, the untestability of so many theories and strict mathematical focus of almost all published material.

The QH website is, of course, an outrage, a scandal, an offence and irrelevant anyway. Silly stuff by the usual bunch of wannabees in a shed, plastic Einsteins, who think they can change the world without doing the basic learning and grunt-work. But a few PhDs have been kind enough to contribute, although they also do not wish to be named (‘Looks interesting, but I don’t know enough about that area’) and think there might be some value in it.

Heretics will not be named by this website but, if anyone claims themselves to be an Official Quantum Heretic, the Arch-Heretic, Jamie Cawley will be happy to confirm it – if they are.

The Heretics know they are wrong – how could the orthodox not be right? The Church is old, it is wise, it has many, many brilliant acolytes and has all the money. But allow the heretics a moment to tickle the gentlemen of science, they are only trying to raise a smile and do not deserve to be burned at the stake.

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